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 Intimate Icandi...  it's more than lingerie; it's a lifestyle!

The Intimate Icandi brand is ready to make its mark in the world with an eclectic line of Intimate Apparel , Lingerie, Resort/Swimwear, Urban Chic and Couture. We're bringing SEXY BACK with a vengence! Everything in our virtual boutique is hand picked by our personal stylist. Unique to the latest fashion taste, consumer feedback , timeless pieces and trendy styles. 

  • Intimate Apparel/Lingerie:  Let intimacy be fun and adventurous; not boring and monotonous. We want this to be your one stop shop. An experience where you're one click  away from fulfilling all of your needs. So open your mind while you unwrap your Icandi.
  • Resort/Swimwear: Poolside divas on deck! Never let your guard down... not even at the beach! with Intimate Icandi you never look washed out ; even when you're all wet. Who says you can't be glamorous and have fun? Our pieces are lightweight and functional.
  • Urban Chic/Couture: Want to get noticed as soon as you enter the room? Of course you do! Our unique fusions are what keeps our inventory sassy, yet classy. You will always have everyone wanting more and more... wondering what will you be wearing next.
We update our site periodically to reflect our new inventory.  As modern day trendsetters we hope you like what we have to offer. We collectively have over 25 years of experience in the Fashion and Design Industry through, Consulting, Fashion and Design, Fashion Show Coordination, Marketing  and Mentoring.
Wondering what makes us so special?
Here at Intimate Icandi it's not just about making a dollar; it's also about giving one back. A portion of all proceeds are donated annually to the American Cancer Society, St. Jude' s Hospital, MS Foundation and other charities. 

Our goal is
 to compliment your natural beauty by enhancing it with our Intimate Icandi. We strive to be the brand you come to rely on when the words intimacy, fun, unique and exciting comes to mind. 
 So what makes you sexy?
It's simple; CONFIDENCE and sex appeal. When you look good then you feel good! The same goes for sexy; when you look sexy you feel sexy and seductive. We know how to accentuate the positive and cover up the negative. Email us for a free consultation. from experience These ingredients provide enough pizzaz to make anyone look & feel their best before and after they've undressed.  Knowing that people tend to focus on your outside before even giving your inside a chance keeps us motivated to keep our line fresh & cutting edge while maintaining mature classic style.

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